Liberty Pediatrics on Facebook:  We post updates on the latest research looking into ways to keep kids healthy and happy. is the American Academy of Pediatrics's site with information on children's health and wellness, development, immunizations, and more.

The Vaccine Education Center at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia has many resources on immunizations, including a long list of the dozens of studies that have proven immunizations to be safe. is from the National Highway Transportation Safety Agency, and in the third paragraph down gives sites that check car seats locally, a good idea to have done before a baby is born.

The CDC travel site has information about destinations around the world.  We will use this site to help determine precautions to consider and immunizations needed before international travel. is a resource for free preschool.  Applications are by county of residence and based on income.

WIC is a health and nutrition program with demonstrated positive effects on pregnancy outcomes and child growth and development. is a resource with complete and comprehensive information about sexuality and sexual health for teens and young adults. Other great teen sites: and

The Choosing Wisely campaign has great information on the use of antibiotics for upper respiratory infections, ear infections, and pinkeye.

The Poo In You is a great video explaining constipation and its treatment.

One of our favorite lactation consultants in town, Amy Slotten, has collected a group of videos to help with nursing.  Check it out here.

The Detroit Perinatal Wellness Coalition has a list of resources for the postpartum time period at  Just click "Find Help Here" then select your county and search.

We hope your child will never have to learn how to swallow pills, but in case they need to, here's a great resource for teaching them:

If you need a sport form, please print the first page of the link titled "Physical Card/Medical History Form" at, fill out the top half, and bring, send, or fax it in, and we will get back to you about it soon.