We strive to meet all the requirements of all insurance companies so that our families never have to change providers if they have an insurance change.  Please check with your insurance company before each visit to be sure your visit will be covered here.  If not, please let us know and we will do what we can to be able to accept that insurance.

Patient Centered Medical Home

A common-sense concept has emerged in the medical community called the Patient Centered Medical Home. A “Medical Home” is a home base in which a healthcare team and family work together to meet a child’s healthcare needs. Below we have outlined the the responsibilities we expect Liberty Pediatrics staff and families to assume in order to provide the best possible care.

Healthcare Provider’s Responsibilities

Non-discrimination: We are committed to providing care without bias based on socioeconomic class, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, religion, or physical difference/ability.

Communication: We listen to our families to help them make decisions about their care. Our providers aim to explain diseases, treatments, and results in an easy-to-understand way. Our goal is to end every visit with clear instructions about expectations, treatment goals, and future plans.

Privacy: We will keep treatments, discussions, and records private.

Access: We provide 24-hour access to medical care with an after-hours triage service and rotating on-call doctors. We offer same day appointments for sick visits when deemed medically appropriate and also provide instructions on how to meet your child’s healthcare needs when our office is not open.

Patient Responsibilities

Timeliness: We try our very best to run on time for all appointments and therefore ask that you arrive five minutes before your scheduled appointment time and let us know if you will be late. If you are 10 minutes late for an appointment, we may ask you to reschedule or wait for the next available provider. We also have a same day cancellation and missed appointment fee of $20 per appointment.

Well Child Care: Well Child Visits are crucial for positive relationship building and informed medical decision making. These visits give us a baseline of health for our patients and enable us to monitor physical and developmental growth. Upon the passing of the Affordable Care Act, all major insurance plans sold after 2014 are required to cover in-network Well Child Visits; if your pre-ACA policy does not cover these visits, we are happy to work with families in order to provide this important care.

Financial Accountability: We try to credential our practitioners with as many insurance plans as possible. Because of the large number of plans we do accept, it is impossible for our office to be familiar with the intricacies of every patient’s policy; rather, this is the policy holder’s responsibility. This responsibility includes, but is not limited to, financial accountability for copays upon time of service, fees applicable to deductible plans, and any amount not paid by insurance. However, we never want patients to avoid medical services because of cost and will arrange payment plans as necessary.