What makes Liberty Pediatrics unique?

Our providers are University of Michigan-trained physicians and nurse practitioners who are fully licensed and board certified.   As we are a small and independent practice, we allow more time than usual for appointments for both well and sick visits.   We have no medical assistants, so the physicians and nurse practitioners will call you from the waiting room, do all measurements, and take vital signs themselves.  

We strongly value getting to know parents and families.  We feel this serves you well in times of crisis, because you and your children will have familiar faces to help deal with the toughest issues.

We also value punctuality, and tend to run on time--being more than 10 minutes late is unusual for our providers.

Are you taking new clients? 

We are almost always taking expectant/first-time parent families.   To be in this category, your family should have no other children.  Please call 734-994-5858, and set up a free, one-on-one appointment to meet one of the physicians.

Parents with Older Children

Most often, we take a limited number of families with older children.  Please call the office at 734-994-5858 and an intake coordinator will call you back.

We are a very small practice, and have to control the amount of patients we have very carefully, as we want to provide high quality, individualized care.

We apologize if this system is frustrating, but we have developed this policy over several years and it has allowed us to accept at least some new patients, rather than being a practice that is completely closed to new clients.

For both categories of new patients, we require a meeting before the baby is born, or before your first visit if you have older children.  This meeting gives you a tour of the office, introduces you to some of our providers and policies, and makes sure that we are a good fit for each other.  When you call, the intake coordinator will schedule that visit for you.

Can I request a specific provider?

Most families choose to see any of the providers.  However, we recognize that some families may desire the continuity of seeing one provider the majority of the time.   If given enough notice, we will do our best to accommodate your wishes. Accommodating requests for a specific provider for sick visits may be more difficult, as not all providers are here every day, and we expect families to be willing to see any provider in the office for same-day sick visits or physicals that need to be scheduled quickly.

What if I need advice in the middle of the night or on a holiday?

We have an after-hours nurse triage service that is available 24 hours, 365 days a year.   The after-hours nurse advice line is accessed by calling our regular number, 734-994-5858.   We contract with an off-site after-hours nurse service--please remember that these nurses do not have access to your child's medical records or our scheduling.

What is your position on vaccinations?

We have excellent evidence that immunizations are safe and effective.  We strongly recommend that children receive vaccines on the schedule recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

What is the schedule for checkups?

We generally follow the American Academy of Pediatrics schedule for health maintenance, with one extra visit in the first two weeks for extra breastfeeding support:

  • Two days after coming home from the hospital.
  • One week.
  • Two weeks.
  • Two months.
  • Four months.
  • Six months.
  • Nine months.
  • Twelve months.
  • Fifteen months.
  • Eighteen months.
  • Two years, then yearly thereafter.